the beginning

It all started one autumn evening in 2013. After hours of strange noises echoing in the stairwell of a small tenement house, suddenly there was a loud sound of a distorted guitar and a shout of joy. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that joyful for the neighbors. It was late at night and I just finished my first pedal ever, and it was finally working! It was the birth of a great passion, and the desire to learn more about building guitar effects.

Passion to create

In the past ten years, I have committed myself wholeheartedly to diligent endeavors, resulting in the ability to provide musicians all over the globe with enthralling devices that stem from a profound passion for music. Under the banner of Tone Charm Audio, I am delighted to unveil devices that have undergone meticulous development spanning several years, seamlessly blending exquisite craftsmanship with unparalleled sound quality.

the mission

All my effects are built by hand in a small boutique workshop in the center of the beautiful city of Wroclaw. Every construction process takes place in my workshop, from the design, through soldering, enclosures drilling, painting, laser engraving, to final assembly and testing. I take care of every little detail to make sure that I give you the highest quality devices that will work for years.