Limited Olg Hag Fuzz (Rock Am Palast) By Tone Charm Audio


This week, I’m going to the Rock Am Palast festival organized by my friends in a picturesque location within an old palace.
I created something special to support the organization of the event, but more about that is below.

I will have my own booth there where you can test several of my effects. I’m also thrilled that Adam, the creator of graphics for the Scavenger effects series, will be there with me. We only met two times, and we are the best friends for very long! He is responsible for defining the Occvlt Pedals character. We met first time at Dopethrone gig.

At Dopethrone Gig with Adam in 2018.

During the festival, there will also be music production workshops in which I will also participate. I will share some insights into how the effects work and will build a Limited Old Hag device during these workshops to demonstrate the entire process of creating such a device.

The festival is free of charge, so anyone can come and have a great time. The costs will be covered by sponsors and grants. Therefore, I have decided to support the festival’s budget a bit and offer you the opportunity to purchase the Limited Old Hag at a special price.

For every effect sold, I will donate 100 PLN to the organizers to help cover the expenses of the bands, staff, and the rental of necessary equipment. If you want to support people who passionately dedicate themselves to organizing events like this, order one of the Limited Old Hags!

Offer will be available only until Sunday 09 July 2023.

Below, you can listen to a demo of this effect.
Offer will be available only until Sunday 09 July 2023.
Click the button below to get it: