The Occvlt Pedals Old Hag fuzz pedal has returned with its newest version.

This exceptional creation pushes the boundaries of fuzz and distortion, offering a wide array of creative possibilities and a level of versatility that sets it apart from other pedals on the market. But what makes it so special?

Occvlt Pedals Old Hag Fuzz Oscillator

The Occvlt Pedals Old Hag is not your average fuzz pedal. 

It is a gateway to a realm of sonic exploration, allowing musicians to experiment and unleash their creativity like never before. Whether you’re seeking smooth overdrive, aggressive distortion, gated fuzz, or glitchy madness, this pedal has you covered. It is a single unit that encompasses a multitude of tones, offering incredible value for its price.

What sets the Old Hag apart, is its ability to empower musicians to explore and create their unique tones. With just a few simple adjustments, the possibilities become endless. This pedal provides a canvas for sonic experimentation, allowing guitarists to sculpt their desired sound with ease. But how it is possible to get so many tones in a pedal with just 4 knobs?

One of the standout features of the Old Hag is its feedback loop mode. 

When activated, the LED eyes of the pedal turn an ominous shade of red, signaling the beginning of a sonic journey into madness. The feedback loop mode opens up a world of sonic manipulation, enabling guitarists to control signal filtering and shape their distortion sound. But it doesn’t stop there – by turning the knobs on your guitar, you will unlock even more interesting tones, and change the frequency of generated oscillations. This feature introduces an extremely high level of interactivity that you will love from the first use.

Occvlt Pedals Fuzz - Old Hag

This pedal provides a canvas for sonic experimentation, allowing guitarists to sculpt their desired sound with ease.

The true magic of the Old Hag Fuzz Pedal lies in its ability to harness the power of feedback. When the feedback knob is set to higher levels, the pedal enters a realm of self-oscillation, generating mesmerizing and unpredictable tones. These oscillations come to life when you’re not playing, interrupting the distorted signals and intertwining with harmonics to create a captivating and wild tone. It’s an experience that transcends traditional distortion, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to your playing.

While the Old Hag Fuzz Pedal was designed with guitarists in mind, its versatility extends far beyond the six-string realm. 

Whether you’re a bassist, synth, or samplers enthusiast, this pedal welcomes you to explore its sonic landscape. It seamlessly integrates with various instruments, inviting you to experiment, innovate, and push the boundaries of your musical expression.

My good friend, Adam, has contributed his artistic talent to create graphics that are as striking as the sound of each pedal in this series.

The collaborative effort behind the Occvlt Pedals Scavenger series, featuring the Old Hag fuzz pedal, adds another layer of uniqueness to this exceptional effect. By arranging real animal bones, Adam has brought a distinct visual identity to each pedal, suitable for each musician who likes the dark-themed art that fits the wide metal scene.

In conclusion, the Old Hag’s newest version is a top-quality pedal that delivers truly exceptional tones. 

Its unique features and versatility set it apart from other fuzz pedals in the same price range, making it a perfect choice for those who crave sonic exploration and experimentation.

It empowers guitarists to shape their tone in unprecedented ways, while also inviting players from different musical backgrounds to join in the fun and explore new sonic territories.

The Old Hag fuzz is a must-have tool for each tone explorer. 

It’s a gateway to sonic adventure, pushing the boundaries and inspiring musicians to create like never before. Get ready to embark on a journey of innovation and creativity with the Old Hag fuzz pedal, where the only limit is your imagination.

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