I can’t imagine evening guitar sessions without Delay and Reverb effects.

Without a doubt, these are devices that inspire with their sound and create a pleasant atmosphere. That’s why I decided to combine them into one small, user-friendly effect that will add magic to every sound. DARASM – Delay And Reverb Ambient Shoegaze Machine, is an effect for creating beautiful musical soundscapes.

Delay and Reverb are routed in parallel, which prevents the blurring of the delay, making its accent clearly audible with a pleasant, well-blended reverb in the background. 

Both effects can also be used independently.

To use only the delay, simply turn the Reverb knob to a minimum.

To use only the reverb, simply turn the Feedback knob to a minimum.

The Filter knob allows us to darken our mix of delayed signals, creating a more distant and dimed echo sound.

Reverb is controlled by a single knob, regulating decay time and effect intensity.

Delay is controlled by the Delay knob, allowing for a delay time adjustment of up to 500 ms, and the Feedback knob, defining the number of delayed signal repetitions.

The Mix knob adjusts the balance between the clean and delayed signal, allowing precise customization according to our needs. Setting it to maximum gives us only the delayed signal, and minimum gives us only the clean signal.

Thanks to its carefully designed circuit, this device will work great with any sound source.

You can successfully use it, for example, with vocals or with your favorite synthesizer or sampler.

All Tone Charm Audio effects are hand-built in a small boutique workshop in the center of Wrocław, Poland. Precision and quality craftsmanship, combined with an excellent, unique sound, are the features that define each Tone Charm Audio device.



Volume – output volume control

Mix – the balance between the clean signal and the delayed signal

Filter – highs filter on the delayed signal

Delay – delay time for the delay effect

Feedback – number of repetitions for the delay effect (minimum to turn off the delay effect)

Reverb – the intensity of the reverb effect (minimum to turn off the reverb effect)

Power Supply:

9V DC, 70mA, 2.1 / 5.5mm plug with negative polarity in the center (standard BOSS style)

True Bypass, powder-coated metal enclosure with laser-engraved graphics.