SZCZUR distortion guitar pedal by Tone Charm Audio pays homage to the legendary RAT distortion guitar pedal, which debuted in 1978.
Despite the passage of years, RAT remains one of the most esteemed effects of its kind. Used in many genres from rock to extreme metal.
The simplicity of operation and excellent sound have contributed to the tremendous success of this distortion effect.

SZCZUR Guitar distortion pedal

SZCZUR guitar distortion offers extended possibilities of the classic RAT distortion circuit.

SZCZUR has two separately adjustable GAIN channels, switchable with a footswitch during live performance. This allows achieving two completely different sounds with one compact effect device.
GAIN I is perfect for finely tuning lighter, less saturated tones, emphasizing the instrument’s character. On the other hand, GAIN II offers a wider gain range, ideal for obtaining stronger tones, eventually reaching a powerful fuzz effect.

SZCZUR effectively eliminates the issue of the somewhat empty and lifeless character of the original sound, especially at low-gain settings.

A characteristic feature of the original circuit is the reduction of low frequencies along with decreasing gain. Thanks to circuit modifications, SZCZUR provides a full, pleasing sound across the entire gain range while preserving the instrument’s character.
At higher gain settings, RAT acquires the characteristic sound of a FUZZ effect. SZCZUR ensures this legendary sound experience, but with the CLASSIC/MODERN switch, it also opens the door to an entirely new distortion character.

SZCZUR Guitar distortion pedal - two channel low and high gain

The MODERN mode activates an additional circuit, providing a more tight distortion sound.

It is an ideal setting for playing heavy riffs quickly with intense palm muting, reminiscent of a cranked tube amplifier with a Tube Screamer-type effect as an addition.
Despite its rich capabilities, the SZCZUR guitar effect remains easy and intuitive to use, suitable both for professional musicians and enthusiasts.

All Tone Charm Audio effects are hand-built in Poland, following boutique principles in a small workshop in the center of Wrocław. Designed to ensure reliability for years to come.
The entire production process and interesting facts related to guitar effects can be seen on Tone Charm Audio and Polski Efekciarz’s social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok).