Fuzz – Oscillator (SNES Guitar Pedal)

SNES guitar pedal Fuzz Oscillator

If you’re looking for something totally unique, you’re in the right place!

Fuzz-Oscillator offers many wild fuzz sounds with a crazy feedback feature that can be controlled both by knobs on the pedal and on the guitar.
Design inspired by classic SNES game console.
This pedal is the modified version of my other pedal (Occvlt Pedals Old Hag), with feedback always on and a redesigned signal path to offer you a unique tone shaping experience.
The self-oscillating circuit may be used to create a unique musical experience, super sensitive to your playing dynamics and knobs in your guitar.

Volume – final output volume
Fuzz – the intensity of the distortion
Bias – changes the character of the fuzz tone
Feedback – controls the intensity of self-oscillations and additional signal filtering
HPF 3-way switch – high pass filter before distortion, use it to change the overall sound of the distortion/fuzz, to add fatness, and distort more or less low end.