Scavenger Dope Fuzz handcrafted in poland
Let’s get heavy with the Occvlt Pedals Scavenger Dope fuzz pedal.
Occvlt Pedals Scavenger Dope – ultimate heavy riffing device. In the world of guitar effects, finding the perfect fuzz pedal that unleashes the full potential of your riffs can be tricky. Look...
Limited Olg Hag Fuzz (Rock Am Palast) By Tone Charm Audio
This week, I’m going to the Rock Am Palast festival organized by my friends in a picturesque location within an old palace. I created something special to support the organization of the event, but...
THE MAGIC Hidden Inside Guitar Effects (Revealing Parts)
Curious about the inner workings of your guitar pedals and what is hidden inside? Ever wondered about the components that contribute to the beloved sounds you cherish? Are there secret ingredients that...
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Fuzz After Buffer (Tricks And Sound Comparison)
Will buffer ruin your fuzz tone or open new sound possibilities?I believe this can be both true, it all depends on your needs and taste! Most people have trouble getting good sounds with Fuzz Face style...